Our Story

It all began with two dreamers on a car ride. Colleen McShea, MS, CCC-SLP and Catie Sondrol, MOTR/L had never met prior to a 6 hour car ride to northern Mohave County to evaluate a child. During the car ride they shared a vision of a “one stop” shop for pediatric therapy services in the rural area of Mohave County. This vision came together as they incorporated in January 2006 and began working nights and weekends in children’s homes for Milemarkers Therapy while they continued to hold full time jobs. In March 2007 Milemarkers Therapy’s first “home” came to be and children began receiving services in clinic. Since then Milemarkers Therapy has grown and now has a staff of 41 who provide speech, occupational, and physical therapy services that include school based & clinic based. We also provide for young adults and children with special needs After School Care, Summer Camp, Adult Day Care, Employment Services, Transition To Employment Education along with offering Supervised Visitation Parent Aides for families in the reunification process.

Mission Statement of Milemarkers Therapy Inc.

Milemarkers Therapy Inc. believes that individuals should have the opportunity to receive therapy services and support in their own community in order to increase their functional independence levels related to language and motor skills. At the heart of our service planning and delivery are core values that help shape family friendly and diversified therapy services.

As an organization:

  • We believe that human relationships are the basis for growth and change.
  • We respect the individuals we serve, their families, our employees, as well as the customers with whom we do business.
  • We are committed to finding positive solutions for both the individuals we serve and their families.
  • We are committed to helping individuals we serve have the best opportunity to both develop relationships and to realize their full potential.
  • We encourage a culture that embraces and promotes growth, change and innovation through teamwork with multiple disciplines, families and consumers.
  • We provide individual therapy with a client therapist ratio of 1:1